Vitamins are of course, necessary for a huge variety of cell functions including those of which impact on the appearance of our skin and general wellbeing.

The procedure.

A bag or syringe of German produced vitamins is infused via the forearm. The preparation is based on a mixture of water soluble B group and C vitamins with, Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc minerals which is then further tailored to a client’s individual requirements. The protocols produced by UK based Intravita include specialised systems for Athletes/muscle recovery (with extra amino acids), for Immunity bosting, for Antiaging (including amongst other constituents, coenzyme Q10). There are separate protocols for Energy and Destressing.


None, except possibility of a bruise at the infusion site.

Conditions that will mean you cannot undergo this procedure:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Price of treatment

£90 -£150 a session

My opinion

IV Nutrition therapy, should technically not be necessary. However, it is known that hectic lifestyles, alcohol and stress all increase our vitamin requirements. Modern faming and food production methods can, at the same time, reduce the vitamin content of our food. IV administration can achieve much higher blood serum concentrations than oral vitamin forms.

I am less happy about the high doses of Chelating IV Vitamin C in Chemotherapy patients and really uncomfortable with the use of IV Vitamin C as a skin lightening agent- which I don’t offer.

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