A Refreshing Approach to Rejuvenation


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My approach to aesthetic medicine

I prefer an honest informative approach. If you don't need any treatment, or there is no effective treatment - I will tell you so. Some areas are very challenging to treat and I would rather you knew this from the beginning.

I maintain an evolving relationship with my patients, where you are pivotal in the decision making process. You will be updated on the latest aesthetic developments with relevance to you.

As far as actual treatments go, absolute pain control for procedures, absolute discretion and striving for perfection are priorities.

I particularly dislike the trend for mixing alcohol with medical procedures ("Botox parties") and have never been a fan of the "bee- stung" appearance of some lip sculptures.

What are non- surgical treatments?

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are essentially those which don’t require scalpels, surgery, scars or much down time. The results are less dramatic and often temporary, but they definitely give us the chance to recreate our former facial contours or to subtly enhance cheekbones or lips. This can be achieved with injectable dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm or Sculptra. The most popular treatment that I undertake is by far, is muscle relaxing injections with the Botulinum toxin drugs which smooth early wrinkles to give the upper face a youthful, rested and natural appearance.

Perhaps surprisingly, anti-ageing is not all about reducing wrinkles themselves: evening out the complexion by removing thread vessels and sunspots on the face can have an equally marked effect. Laser and Intense Pulsed Light systems are the ideal tools to remove ageing facial redness and pigmentation.

Is it for you?

Aesthetic medicine is no longer just for the rich and famous; its pursuit is very rarely motivated by vanity and it's certainly not exclusive to women. Cosmetic medicine will appeal to anybody who simply wishes to make the most of themselves by enhancing or rejuvenating nature. It goes by many names: "anti- wrinkle beauty treatment", "non- surgical cosmetic treatment" and "facial rejuvenation". Sometimes the treatment options and product names can be just as confusing. I would like to cut through the haze to explain your most suitable treatment options and to keep you informed of any promising developments.

Consultation appointments

A confidential consultation aims to deal with your special concerns. I will map your face and, with your permission, take digital photographs. I like to be very clear about your choices of procedures, their cost and potential complications. Treatment choices can be multiple, all of which deserve informed discussion.

You may decide that you want to book a treatment or you may decide that aesthetic medicine is not for you, which is fine too. Consultations are priced at just £25.

Who will be treating you?

I conduct all treatments myself. I have worked in Aesthetic Medicine for over 16 years, after training extensively from 2001. I have qualifications in Medicine and Dentistry. I have accumulated several postgraduate qualifications and a great deal of experience. Valuably, I have undergone most of the treatments I offer, giving me a unique perspective. Whatever treatment you choose will be carried out with great attention to detail.

Dr. Alison Uttley BDS, MBBS, BTec Skin, FDSRCS, MBCAM.

Specialist in Oral Surgery and Aesthetic practitioner.

Member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine

Member of the British Association of Oral Surgeons