I am fortunate to have access to light therapies at the Brighton Laser Clinic in Kemptown on Friday mornings. Bookings are taken directly with the clinic on 01273 686869

Facial and chest thread vessels can be single or clustered patches. These areas have previously been difficult to treat, but the advent of IPL and laser therapy means that superficial fine red thread vessel systems and background redness can be dealt with. Along with pigmentation redness is an ageing giveaway, which is often overlooked. We use a Lynton Lumina IPL machine or a Dual Platform Cynosure Elite laser that produce a select range of wavelengths to target red inside the vessels and heat them without damaging the skin. After a series of treatments, the redness lessens and the vessels are melted away.

Rosacea is difficult to treat but can be helped by IPL. It often requires a many stranded approach, including facial peels and lifestyle changes.

The treatment

Protective goggles are worn and cool gel is put onto the skin. The laser like light is directed at various different energies. There is a quick hot sensation.

Repeat procedures

Monthly/6 weekly treatment sessions will then be necessary: it is worth planning a run of time to avoid any sun exposure to the area. Many patients choose to start laser IPL thread vessel removal in the winter months.

What to expect afterwards

An occasional scab or blister, redness lasting up to a week plus dry or itchy skin in the area treated.

What can go wrong?

Very rarely, brown or white skin patches can form. Over-pigmentation may fade or be treatable. Under-pigmentation may be permanent.

The downside

  • IPL is sometimes uncomfortable. Laser systems tend to be more comfortable and are used in preference where possible. We have the choice of both in the Clinic.
  • Suntans and even fake tans are not allowed.
  • This treatment sun sensitises the skin and makes it more prone to pigment changes. You must wear sun block for at least 6 weeks after treatment and avoid sun exposure.
  • Multiple treatments are necessary.

Some conditions that may mean you will not be able to have this treatment.

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Photosensitising drugs (Roaccutane, St John’s Wort, Aminospectrin, Gold and many others)
  • Porphyria, SLE, Vitiligo.
  • Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy or Steroid therapy.
  • Keloid scarring
  • Semi permanent makeup or tattoos in the treatment area.

Price of treatment

The treatment times and prices depend on the amount of time taken to complete the area: A single vessel system may only require a few IPL shots, while full treatment of the cheeks and nose may approach 30 minutes. A quote will be given at your consultation. Please phone 01273 686869 to book and find out about charges.

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