Collagen Induction Roller or Dermapen treatments employ the very simple principle of microtraumatising the skin to induce a healing response which of course, means laying down collagen in the upper layers of the skin. This visibly increases elasticity and so reduces a crêpey appearance. It is completely natural and does not involve anything being injected into the area. Ideal areas for consideration are larger immovable areas; necks and chests and hands. Softening acne scarring is also possible.

Restylane Vital or higher dilution Sculptra are another treatment option for these specific indications.

How many treatments are necessary?

An average of three, at six weekly intervals.

How long does it last?

Initial slight changes may be visible just before the second treatment. However, this will be built upon by about six months. Some of our initial cases were continuing to show improvement, even a year after the end of treatment.

What about downtime?

A diffuse redness is often visible for about four hours. Pinkness, dryness and tenderness will be evident for an average of 48 hours. The under eye area is harder to cover and will involve an appearance of puffiness especially in the mornings for the first couple of days post procedure.

Whilst this treatment does not render skin more prone to burning in the sun, in common with laser treatments, your skin will certainly be more sensitive for a period after the procedures and it will be necessary to use high SPF factor.

Price of treatment

£250 per session

My opinion

Collagen induction therapy is attractive as it leaves nothing in the skin and is a true natural treatment. I think it is an excellent treatment for large flat surfaces, with chest/ decoltees yield the best results but it is also useful on necks and hands. In people whom Botulinum A toxin treatments are useful around the eyes, but where their use can also serve to accentuate the delicate under eye area collagen induction therapy is also becoming useful. It is able to address improving skin quality- in just the area Botox cannot treat.

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